AVAD Bitumen has developed a game-changing innovative concept for the distribution of bitumen for road construction. It covers the entire scope from sourcing, receiving bulk bitumen ex-refinery, packing, transportation to re-liquefaction on site at our clients' asphalt mixing plants. The concept is clean, environmentally sustainable and delivers substantial cost benefits.


A game-changing innovative concept

Bitumen quality & grades >

AVAD specializes in the distribution of premium quality bitumen for surfacing of roads and highways.

Packing >

The packing is engineered for multiple uses, maximising product protection ensuring ZERO leakage and ZERO product loss.

Transport >

A 20ft container is loaded with 10 AVAD crates (22.0 ton net/23.56 gross) for shipment and a trailer, holding 12 AVAD crates (26.4 tons net/28.623 gross) is used for onward transportation.

Storage >

AVAD crates are designed for extended open-air storage.

Re-Liquefaction of Bitumen >

AVAD provides a state-of-the-art bitumen smelter for the duration of a road contract or for a long term, when fixed installed at a bitumen distribution terminal.

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