AVAD Bitumen crates are engineered to enhance packing safety, avoiding leakages and product loss.

Without intermediate storage and interference into its quality properties, the bitumen is cooled down at the AVAD packing plant. It is then pumped into sturdy, steel enforced wooden AVAD crates, accommodating two PE-bags with a capacity of 1,125kg each, i.e. 2,250kg per crate.

For shipment10 AVAD crates fit into a 20ft container
For land transport12 AVAD crates may be loaded on a standard flatbed trailer
The AVAD crate, ready to be loaded with bitumen.
AVAD crates loaded with bitumen.
The loaded AVAD crate is covered and wrapped, ready for shipment.

After filling, the open top of the AVAD crate is closed with a PE film and the entire crate wrapped in stretch plastic film. This protects against humidity and dust, making the AVAD crate fit for extended storage in open air.

No packing material is wasted.

The AVAD crate is constructed to be used several times. It takes around 5 minutes to dismantle an AVAD crate and 145 dismantled AVAD crates fit into a 20ft container for return shipment. Environmentally friendly, the PE-Bag is molten together with the bitumen.

The AVAD crate is designed for maximum product protection, assuring ZERO leakage and loss of bitumen during transport, storage and re-liquefaction.

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