Environment & Safety

Environment & Safety

Environmentally Conscious.

AVAD Crates are leakage free. Zero product loss during transport, storage or re-liquefaction, equally eliminating environmental contamination.

AVAD PE-Bags fuse with the high-temperature bitumen, assuring zero product waste. The remaing packaging materials are re-usable, delivering waste-free bitumen, no longer leaving contaminated empty steel drums.

AVAD Smelter is highly energy efficient, liquefying 1 ton bitumen with 4 litres of Diesel fuel only.

Reduced AVAD Emissions

AVAD bitumen fume emissions are negligible due to the shortened smelter flap opening: 2min for 2.2T bitumen.

AVAD CO₂ emissions are kept at minimum level in line with the low fuel consumption.

AVAD noise emissions are kept well below hazardous levels: max. 60 dB during operation.

AVAD Bitumen Solutions offers a unique, clean and energy saving end-to-end process, an exemplary alternative to conventional bitumen distribution.

AVAD Work Safety

Bitumen is used at high temperatures (around 150℃) leading to potential hazards. Mitigating these hazards with prudent safety mechanisms, dangerous accidents and health risk can be reduced to a minimum.

  • AVAD instructs its customers for the safe use of bitumen.
  • AVAD strictly follows regulatory requirements and internal work safety regulations and continuously improves its HSSE & Q performance.
  • AVAD operates a fully integrated and certified management system, meeting the requirements of ISO 9001 and for its operational sites also ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

AVAD Bitumen Solutions guarantees the highest industrial standard of bitumen distribution available today, proudly sharing the benefits with customers, employees, suppliers, authorities, neighbours and society at large.

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