AVAD Bitumen provides a state-of-the-art bitumen smelter for the duration of a road contract.


The AVAD Bitumen smelter is provided for the duration of a road contract or on a longer term when operating at a bitumen distribution terminal. The Model CR-10 is a complete and fully self-contained unit which is installed into a standard 20ft. container. The smelter is designed to carefully liquefy bitumen supplied in AVAD Bitumen crates, with minimum energy consumption and manpower effort.

 Capacity 10 tons per hour (4/5 AVAD Bitumen crates)
 Storage capacity approx. 18 tons liquefied bitumen
 Weight approx. 11,793 kg
 Total installed electric Power installed approx. 16.57 KW
 Fuel Consumption  4 ltr diesel per ton liquefied bitumen
 Operators  1


AVAD crate on the loading platform of the Smelter
The AVAD crate dispenses the bitumen bags
Dropped bitumen bag inside the smelter
Control Panel – Diesel Burners – Thermo-Oil Circulation
The AVAD Smelter with auxiliaries to load tank trucks with hot bitumen
Schematic drawing of the AVAD Smelter

Continous and safe operations is assure by dependable control instruments and quality branded auxiliary equipment. Importantly these items are all of standard design, assuring easy maintenance, spare parts availability and thus reliable production.

The unit is designed for both, mobile deployment and fixed stationary operation.

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